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Meizon Mission exists to create greater spaces for people to hear and experience the Good News of Jesus. Meizon meets live the first and third Sunday of each month, 5:00PM at FCC.

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Giving a helping hand | Caring about those in need | Making a difference in people's lives

For over 40 years, GCM has provided emergency help and hope to families and individuals who are in crisis and lack the basic necessities of life.

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Week of Compassion is more than a week. It is a ministry of the whole Church, reaching those in need "around the world, around the year.” Any time we respond to a need in the world, we bear witness to the unity of our table, faithfully sharing the gifts that we have as an expression of Christ's love. In working together with partners, we represent the Disciples of Christ commitment to unity, making our resources reach farther and growing our impact on a global scale.

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